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Tennessee Treasure

4,2 sur août 13, 2012

Enchanting B&B in old B&B, superb meals and charming inn owner; the chef is a wonderful cook.

Very enjoyable weekend

4,2 sur janvier 20, 2012

If you have an opportunity to eat lunch or dinner there, DO IT.

Relaxing and Charming Bed and Breakfasst

4,2 sur novembre 30, 2011

The Edgeworth Inn was so charming. We enjoyed especially the historical significance of the inn. Breakfast was delicious and served with such style. More than any of this was the feelings of warmth and hospitality from our hostess. A wonderful experience that we hope to repeat in the future.

Wonderful Wedding Site

4,2 sur avril 22, 2011

The Edgeworth Inn provided a wonderful wedding experience. Our family found the Inn and it's staff to be the perfect fit for our event. The Chef made gourmet meals that worked with all sorts of special needs.

Edgeworth Inn: A splendid place to make, share, and store memories…

4,6 sur avril 20, 2011

Just back from a mid April family wedding staged and hosted by Edgeworth Inn. We occupied the entire place! - along with several other family members and participants who were housed in adjacent homes. Center of activity was the Inn: we ate every meal there. Together! (How this staff poured forth from this tiny kitchen these careful and delicious meals, and at such graceful pace, has me yet perplexed…) Bride and Groom are both beyond young (a euphemism for middle aged) so bring to the union the wisdom that knows how important is the bedrock and context of family. And so it was that kids and teenagers and parents and grandparents all gathered to celebrate this new union -- this commitment -- of love in this place. The Inn represented well this great expanse of represented ages, and times, and experiences. The halls, and floors, and stairs of this wondrous Inn exude and reek (and creak -- literally! When one is 115 years old, apologies for creaking seem unnecessary) of memories and happy days gone by. To these we added our own. Magnificent (maybe even stately?) ceilings on the first floor where all gatherings occurred. Meals, pre and post meal smalltalk, and a post wedding ceremony serenade by the Groom to his bride; all happened here. It’s where we huddled for warmth around the fires in the morning (coffee in hand) and, in the evening for that enchanting brew we concoct and call family. Two families, each doubled in size by the addition of the other, happened here. A sacred thing this; like new birth. Nothing else shall be quite the same hence forth. Lives in realignment. New people to belong to. New joys to share, and in time I suppose, heartbreaks also. That all happened here, at Edgeworth Inn, in mid April. A new family was born here, and our memories are embedded in the walls and floors of this place as are so many which have gone before us. You should come and instill some of your own into these walls, and floors. You shall be in good company.

Absolute Americana

4,2 sur avril 17, 2011

In 1892, 3 years before H.G. Wells publishing ‘The Time Machine’, the Monteagle Assembly was established. Today, passing through the gates of the Monteagle Assembly is a ride on a time machine back to when families built homes with porches meant for rocking chairs and there was time to be spent on a walk or reading a book. The assembly is enchanted. The homes are grand and the tree covered grounds surround walking paths and quiet gardens. Edgeworth Inn, originally Adams-Edgeworth Inn, was built around 1896. The house has an original quality which invites you to slow down. There are a variety of rooms which can accommodate different needs. We hosted our wedding at the Inn because we wanted a place for an intimate weekend with our immediate families. During breakfast on the first morning, when I asked different people “did you sleep well”, I was please to hear many say “the bed was amazing”. The staff served 3 meals a day for 30+ people and the food was great! The staff was accommodating, the location is quaint, there is plenty of hot water for a houseful, and there is ample space for children to play and adults to talk and for couples to get lost. Edgeworth Inn is not a Marriott, and that’s what we liked. The place has a unique charm that you rarely find.

wonderful inn

5 sur juin 25, 2009

I stayed at the Edgeworth Inn at Monteagle Assembly in June and enjoyed it immensely. The owner and staff were very welcoming, the room was comfortable and the food was great. What more can I say, it's a wonderful inn and I will return!

A place where time expands

5 sur juin 24, 2009

When was the last time you spent 24 hours without looking at your iPhone to check the time? I spent just one night at the Inn and felt as if I'd been gone a week. A week would feel like a sabbatical! Our huge four-poster bed was scrumptious and comfortable. It felt like jumping into a cupcake -- with sprinkles. The next morning we woke up slowly to delicious smells from the kitchen. A full, gourmet breakfast in a quaint, cheerfully decorated dining room. The proprietress came by to find out what we like to do and recommended a tennis clinic later that day (we went and had a blast). After breakfast, I sat on the porch storing up energy for a mid-morning walk, waving to neighbors and striking up friendships (who does that anymore?). We walked to an overlook with a breathtaking view of the valley with some of our newfound porch friends. A Monteagle Assembly regular invited us in to his cabin for a visit afterward. A fabulous caterer from Nashville cooked lunch in the Assembly cafeteria. This was no cafeteria food but surprising elegant -- and affordable. After our tennis lesson and a quick clothes change, we went back to real life. What a delightful day. It's not just about the beautiful old building that houses the Inn but the lifestyle that comes with it. The fact that your pulse slows and you remember what it means to have a chat on the porch and enjoy a cup of ice tea that isn't in your car cupholder. It's a place where doors aren't locked and social networking means saying "hey" to Aunt Bea. Do yourself a favor and try it out. It may add years to your life, and for sure HOURS to your day.

I want to live at the Edgeworth!

5 sur juin 24, 2009

I adore this inn, and I say this as an informed traveler who stays at lots of inns. Our room, and the others (which I managed to peek at) were elegant in the best, most relaxed sense of the word. The inn is rather like staying at your favorite aunt's home, if your aunt pampered you silly and had a great eye for art. Comfortable beds, beautifully decorated private rooms and common rooms -- the library is so well stocked and comfy! And the food is amazing. I lived in France for a decade and have eaten some great food -- this is on par. The deep shaded porch with its abundant rocking chairs is the perfect place to sip some ice tea and read a book, or chat with residents of Monteagle, which is a place so magical it deserves its own write up. I noticed that someone posted an extremely harsh review on this site, and frankly, I'm stumped -- did they stay at the same inn I did? Hard to believe, since my experience was so very different. Yes, there are a few outdoor cats, but they were very well behaved and the inn was extremely well-kept and clean. The staff was charming and helpful and made us feel like family. They guided us to some nearby attractions like "The Fiery Gizzard," a beautiful nearby hike. All in all, an outstanding experience. We look forward to our next visit.

Southern Hospitality

3,4 sur juin 05, 2009

It's the charm and warmth of the folks who run the inn that has made Edgeworth Inn our place to stay every Parent's Weekend at Sewanee. The inn is quaint beyond description. The rocking chairs on the wrap around porch make the ideal spot to meet and greet or share an evening drink with other guests. If you're looking for a host of modern conveniences or a luxurious room, it's not the place for you. However, if you embrace the wholesomeness of pure Southern Hospitality, the quietness and peacefulness of beautiful surroundings, and folks who remember you year after year then come to the mountain and become a part of the Edgeworth family.

Great southern hospitality and charm

4,6 sur juin 04, 2009

I have stayed at the Edgeworth Inn on numerous occasions and always look forward to my return visits. It always feels like I'm coming home again. The innkeepers are most gracious and very attentive to the needs of their guests. The breakfast and dinners that are served there are very good. I actually like the fact that you must bring your own wine. It makes for a very reasonably priced dinner. And I especially enjoy staying in the Monteagle Assembly among the beautiful old homes that are there. A very relaxing place to be.

Not impressed

1,0 sur mai 21, 2009

The Edgeworth Inn is definitely shabby, not as in quaint, but as in dirty and run-down. Rugs are filthy, the library/gathering room smells of cat urine, paint is peeling, long brown hairs in the bathtub, which was also peeling; altogether a travesty that they charge $175 per night yet apparently put none of their intake toward keeping the place up. No screens on the windows, so when they turn off the air, you'd better bring out the insect repellent! As for dinner, our steaks were overdone, they don't serve wine with dinner (told us we could bring our own, though), and their waitstaff is woefully unskilled. Unbelieveable. Worst getaway experience ever!

Edgeworth Inn


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