New Orleans Roux

1870 Banana Courtyard French Quarter

1422 N. Rampart Street   French Quarter , La Nouvelle-Orléans, LA 70116 États-Unis


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup butter (for a real heart clogger, some of us use 1/2 lard)
  • to taste pinch salt and pepper

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  1. First you make a roux (if you have ever used a New Orleans recipe before, this should sound VERY familiar!).
  2. Heat seasoned, iron skillet. Melt butter slowly, then add flour, sprinkling it in and stirring constantly, until color is delicate brown. Don¿t let it get too brown, as continued cooking will occur with addition of remaining ingredients. This should take about 20-minutes (We never said this would be quick. New Orleanians usually cheat and buy prepared roux in a jar.)
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New Orleans Roux