Patricia’s Famous Herb Scrambled Cheddar Eggs

A Mountain View Retreat

State Route 9G , Germantown, NY 12526 États-Unis


  • tablespoon butter, 2 eggs per person, shredded cheddar cheese, dill, seasoning salt (I use Lawrys)

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  1. Brown butter in Skillet Put in two eggs per person DO NOT BREAK THE YOKES Sprinkle in shredded cheddar cheese A little seasoning salt (I use Lawry's) A little dill, fresh or bottle (chopped fine)
  2. NOW HERE’S THE SECRET, while cooking use the spatula around the yokes. Don't break the yokes until the white has been scrambled and mostly cooked and then at the last minute scramble in the yokes.
  3. Voila! Patricia's Herb Scrambled Cheddar Eggs
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Patricia’s Famous Herb Scrambled Cheddar Eggs