Breakfast parmesan tortilla

Kilpatrick Manor

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  1. Definitely a long winded recipe, I'll condense it for my own sanity. After all I'm better cooking it than describing it. (Recipe was left behind by Chef Kevin Kilpatrick and previous owner of the bed & breakfast)
  2. Basically, you are making taco shells from parmesan cheese, while it is relatively easy, timing is absolutely crucial. Line a pan with some viscous material(butter/shortening etc)then sprinkle grated parmesan, it has to be the real deal, in a circle baked at 325 F for 3 minutes until the edges are a golden brown. Remove and immediately form into a taco.
  3. Next, stuff it with scrambled eggs that have some variation of hot pepper (pick one you like, go ahead pick one) sauteed into it. I usually tweak it with diced vine ripened tomato and wilted baby spinach. Feel free to use other pairings, food is forgiving. Serve with orange cup fruit salad and homemade cornbread. This is definitely not for the faint of heart, to prepare or eat.
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Breakfast parmesan tortilla