Wicky Up Ranch B&B

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  1. 2 large, ripe Bartlett Pears 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup orange juice/1/4 cup pomegranate juice 4 pats of butter fresh, grated nutmeg Prepare the night before. >>>>>>>>>>>>
  2. Peel pears, cut in half, and take out portion of center with seeds. Place brown sugar evenly in bottom of a baking pan and place pear halves, cut side down, in pan. Pour orange/pomegranate juice over the pears and bake for 40 minutes (time depends on ripeness) at 350, basting occasionally. You will have about 1/4 cup or more syrup in the bottom. Pour off the syrup and save in a sauce pan. Cook on low heat for about 45 minutes or longer to reduce as you please. (add more juice if necessary). In the morning, put a pat of butter in each pear half ,cover pears and heat in the oven cut side up, covered for 15 minutes at 250. Heat the syrup on low heat. Pour some syrup in the center of a dessert-size plate, place one pear half face up on the plate , pour the remainder of the reduction over the top, grate a hi nt of fresh nutmeg over the top, add a sprig of mint and perhaps a pansy or nasturtium to the plate for color and serve warm.
  3. (Serves 4) From the kitchen of Wicky-Up Ranch Bed & Breakfast (2003)